keyword density is a farceThe recent updates to Google make it silly. All of it.

But then again, it was silly before the last update – and pretty giggly before that, too.

You can call it inbound marketing, and try to distance your brand from SEO- the very thing that made it bankable. Stranger things keep happening.

But the end of the day sees it the same way – just old, same old: SE fricking O.

Search engine optimization.

It means, you make your site visible, and able to grab all it can before it gets blinked out in the next iteration of relevancy.

It means, you trust in conversions, not anything else, because lies prevail.

It means you define it as YOU define it: not shift, sway or paddle on public opinion…you lead opinions or do your best to ignore their effect.

It means, you optimize what they see, in terms of connecting potential search phrases to existing web content.

Or at least it did, when it mattered.

Not sure what it means, when the results you see, are shit, and where you click is not necessarily where you go.

I can’t teach you to be the lone kernel of corn in every pile of turds. But evidently Google can…it appears to be how they consider SEO.