Corporate Communications, SEO Copywriting and Freelance Web Tweaks for Atlanta and Beyond

Articulayers is a business run by professional SEO copywriter Marty Lamers (seen here shark fishing on Hilton Head).

We provide a variety of web and writing-based services, with our focus typically on brand, marketing, and Internet optimization. Typically active online, we are also very well-versed in offline strategies.

It all began in 2001 and came to the web in 2002. Over twenty years later now, and we are still providing these web and writing services from our office in Atlanta, Georgia – but today, we routinely send our work to every part of the globe. Partners and clients are everywhere!

Offering freelance corporate communications and copywriting, website building and optimization (web tweaks), and a range of SEO services, Articulayers enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach their online, marketing, and communication goals.

Marty also helps many aspiring or established freelance writers, offering guidance and encouragement to pursue this rewarding career path. Marty often speaks to college students in Atlanta and occasionally writes tips and tricks to succeed in SEO copywriting and freelancing for a living. He has also been known to offer one-on-one correspondence to those in need.

If you are a business seeking a freelance writer, website help, or freelance SEO services:

The main pages of this site are designed to give you some brief information on Articulayers. There are separate pages that detail typical copywriting (corporate communications) and web-based service offerings. The portfolio section offers a list of previous clients  and additional information on our past experience is available on request. For most things, you are encouraged to email Marty (marty at articulayers dot com) to let him know what you need…it is the fastest way to get results.

If you are seeking SEO Copywriting tips:

The Articulayers blog is where you’ll want to go, though it does take quite a few unexpected twists and turns, as we don’t write about writing too often these days. Marty also has another blog that might help: The Freelance SEO Writer Blog. (though it has not been updated now in years)  Neither is offering a cornucopia of knowledge on the subject, so if you have a question about something specific regarding being or using an SEO copywriter, please just shoot Marty an email. It’s infinitely faster. 🙂


If you are seeking to contact Marty for a speaking engagement, consultation or other purpose, email: marty(at)articulayers(dot)com