About Our Approach and Optimization Services

Great writing is everything.

It names, informs, teaches, leads and inspires. It is involved in every single success story.

Articulayers is a freelance writing and web development company led by Marty Lamers. Marty and his strategic partners have been serving corporate clients and independent business owners since 2001, providing “Utilitarian Corporate Writing” and applied online optimization. In 2002, we jumped online and started playing with search…

…and the game was officially on.

Bringing Great Writing Everywhere

Between 2003 and 2009, Articulayers saw many stages of growth and change. Work that had been primarily focused in the greater Atlanta area started coming in from almost every part of the globe. Web services we offered evolved, based on the options becoming available through open-source coding. Social media and Web 2.0 emerged, changing the rules and exploding the possibilities for effective corporate communication. Content was named king – something Articulayers already knew, and had been practicing for years.

In this time, the work was amazing. Hundreds of websites were built here, even more received direct attention. Thousands of pages and millions of words were created.

Perhaps most significantly, a passion for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grew into a specialty that continues to drive the business to this day.

From 2009 through the current day, our work splits between copywriting and web services such as site building, hosting set-up/maintenance, training, and more.

How We Work

These days, the needs of our clients fully dictate the details of our process.

It always starts with a bit of conversation to determine what you need. You share the details and we will together determine how Articulayers fits in. Typical discovery items to think about, are who your target audience might be, where and how they like to engage and why you have something they want. Any previous messaging is great to share, as are projects, results and data. We love data more than most things, and trust in solid numbers. Efforts to bring more data to you are common.

Once we determine the basics, we look at various projects to bring you the return you seek. Scale is possible as are different levels of work, depending on lots of details. We may look at finding a specific writer for you, we might look at having us completely manage things for you. Ultimately, we are looking for ways you can get more value, for longer. Together, every step.

Why You Should Choose Articulayers

The work of Articulayers is focused by bringing each project a Return on Investment (ROI). Creative utilitarian copywriting and web work with a clear ROI is the easiest way for you to see the difference in our services.

We tailor the services performed to the individual needs of every client. This allows a scalable, modular approach to building success, where we look to methodically create hard-to-replicate projects. Great writing to build your business, one word at a time.

Elevate your strategic positioning within your niche. Explore new markets. Earn more.

Articulayers. Where words work, since 2001.