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Articulayers empowers your business success. We are seasoned web marketing pros. We write business copy, blog posts and feature articles. We build and promote websites, and assist businesses of every size and type.  


We rely heavily on reported data and are grounded by our own accountability. We are eager and able to earn your trust as we build, share and celebrate the progress of your business.


Put more than 20 years of professional marketing and freelanced SEO copywriting experience to work for you.    We get it – and we get it done.

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We Can Do It All

Take advantage of the diversity our experience brings to the table. It is safe to say that we have now  been there and done that in most professional marketing situations. We can join a project as a part of your team or lead your charge, unassisted. We will gleefully embrace most any challenge faced by the modern business owner, and we help you win.

We get it – and we get it done.   

Full-Service Copywriting

Professional writing services, scaled to fit your needs.

Planning and Strategy

Focus your marketing. Architect your web presence. Create new customer touchpoints. Strategize your next success.

report Your Ongoing Progress

Set up tracking and analytics to measure the efficacy of each effort. Create reports that communicate on every level. Use tailored reports to record crucial milestones and to set new, improved goals.

Explore New Directions

Let’s find new ways to think about your business. Move forward and grow with increased confidence.

Local Approach - Global Impact

Grow your brand anywhere. Small steps, big journeys.


Trust In the Power of Our Process

Research And Analysis

Every market presents a unique set of challenges. Researching and analyzing relevant data allows every project to be built on a powerful foundation. There is no guessing in our approach; every step is always carefully considered and measured.

planning and Strategy

Taking a commanding lead in any niche does not happen by accident. Years of dedicated SEO experience fortify every decision made here, and we help you to aim and shape your own business’ momentum. Don’t reinvent the wheel: grease it.

Execute, Monitor & Refine

While it’s nice to get it right immediately, success often takes time. Monitor the effects of each effort, using data over assumptions. With true insights supporting our direction, we adjust and dial-in ways to increase your potential yield. 


SEO and Web Projects Completed for Top Companies Around the Globe

the General Insurance
Rooms to Go
harrahs casino
emory healthcare
lending point
Leica Geosystems
Pull a Part
CAN Capital
AdvanceMe Inc.
Tosa Connection
Joe's Record Exchange
SEO Book
Ruby Room
basu plastic surgery
Cre8ive Realty

From Marty Lamers, Owner and Senior Writer

On Freelance SEO Copywriting Services

Being an SEO Copywriter has allowed me to see the online world from from a very interesting perspective. I know the power of the written word, and how we use them strategically. SEO copywriting has changed and evolved, but more than anything it has grown up. The need to be explicit has been replaced by a wider scope of accepted meaning and performance is now augmented by the strength of nuance and sway of public activity. 

Put very simply, it is a super exciting time to be creating movement online. Building trust through SEO copywriting has never been more inclusive, or profitable. 

It hasn’t always been this way, though…



Pricing Models For Every Project

We offer monthly retainers that bundle all of our services for one conveniently low monthly rate. We also offer flat, per-project fees to allow you to use us more specifically in your identified problem areas. 

The best way to figure out your most effective pricing model is to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Let our process flex to fit your needs.

We get it – and we get it done.


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