Just wanted to offer my condolences regarding the passing of a true SEO heavyweight – tedster¬†(Warren “Ted” Ulle) passed away last week, with family nearby.

I am not a frequent flyer over at webmasterworld any more, and never crept from the shadows when I was in there, but there were certainly times throughout my years doing this where I was referencing something in there, or comparing my ideas to the ones shared in places like that. Tedster’s opinions were always the kind of comments you would pay a little extra attention to – not that you had to agree with him, but simply that the man obviously knew what he was commenting on, and had insights worth sharing.

It is obvious by the outpouring of messages continuing to flow into the announcement on WMW that this was an unexpected, and awful thing for the SEO community, and the world in general.

I personally, did not know tedster, but that is simply because I never reached out to him directly, from what I see. Every message there referring to him, comments on the time, the patience and the guidance he willingly offered to those in need – always. It was how he was seen, because it was how he behaved.

Again, though my personal experiences did not include any time with tedster directly, I definitely paid attention to his comments, and listened to what he had to say. I do know what the SEO community is losing with his passing, and offer my condolences to his family and many many friends…cheers, tedster: thank you.