We learn, growing up, that there is truth.

It is what helps bond together family               community                  societies                                              and more –

but it was carved from the idea that we had to and effortlessly could, fit into a collective single answer.

Unity: A socialized myth, ever-struggling for incarnation.

Truth is often a lumpy circle. Pushed back and forth in playful games, it hides, grows, or shrinks from you.

Truth grabs compassion and lies to you, by convincing you that all ideas matter. It’s all good.

I am getting older now, and only ask you to please release me from the big pretend.

Most ideas are shit. We simply spend too much time politely ignoring this fact.

It certainly doesn’t mean to stop encouraging ideas – it means: edit.

Truth hides as pearls within the piles of our roughest drafts.

But there is no singular truth that will bond us all –

And yet, you still have plenty of time

To search, and to fail for truth

and to finally find