salty droidHopefully, you have never heard of Stephen Pierce. And unless you either frequent internet marketing dens of inequity or have accidentally answered the phone, chances are good you haven’t (we hope). But there are a lot of people that have heard of him, and as a result, many of them end up with a lot less money and no good explanation for it. I will let my friend the Salty Droid tell you all about it in his recent posts: Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP, and Stephen Pierce…standard warning about the filthy language over there, and I do encourage you to do enough reading and link following to understand the specifics.

According to Salty’s investigating, Pierce not only has scammed tens-to-hundreds-of-thousands from people buying biz-ops, but he also flexes his lawyer on them, and sues people all the time.  It doesn’t take a genius to do a little web searching and find tons of complaints on Pierce – but these are common in the stinking, scuzzy world of biz-op Internet marketing. What is not common is to sue people as much as Pierce does, and this is pretty unappealing by most standards. It’s like stealing the wheels off wheelchairs, or raping the wounded.

Here’s the interesting thing though. There is a legal action brewing against Pierce and his company, led by an attorney in Dallas named Allen Rosenberg. The way a suit like this works though, is the attorney for the plaintiffs cannot solicit more folks to join in – so the word has to be spread in other ways. Like on Salty’s site, or this blog post.

To quote the droid from the most recent post, The People VS Stephen Pierce:

Dallas Attorney Alan Rosenberg is preparing to bring a lawsuit against Stephen Pierce International {and affiliated companies and individuals} for the victims of SPI’s various scams :: fake opportunities :: and boiler room soul crushings. Alan and his firm :: Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C. :: have agreed to take the case on a contingency basis … which is super awesome of them because people who’ve just been scammed for insane monies don’t tend to have lots of cash lying around.

If you’ve been scammed by Stephen Pierce {or a phone room calling in his name} you should consider being a part of this suit. Not just for yourself :: or for the money {which you deserve to get back} … but because it needs to be done for the greater fucking good. Because it’s not going to stop unless we all step up and do our part to stop it.

Contact Alan Rosenberg at this email address for more details about getting involved in the suit.

All of the links there are live, and I do encourage you to reach out to Rosenberg if Pierce’s organization (Stephen Pierce International) had or has you in its tendrils. And, if you have a blog, or Tweet, or Facebook all the time or something, make sure to help spread the word, so victims can learn about this action and come forward, and hopefully get back some of what they lost here.

Here’s hoping this suit gets huge, and brings more light to this subject matter – not to mention a little well-earned restitution!