beutiful unicornI want to write a simple little post here, so forgive me if I verbally drool a bit in my zeal to say the right thing.

I am a little amped, because I am getting tired of idiots telling other people –  idiots in training if you will – that it is easy to make money online.

Wait – calling the victims (suckers? customers?) idiots is not fair. Good people get caught in bad people plans all the time. Sorry good people.

Many good people get horn-swaggled by the shiny things: simply believing they are buying something that propels them in some miraculous way that makes effort unnecessary.

It’s not easy, and there are no magic products that make it so. None.

Trust me on this – I have been building stuff online for about ten years. I work regularly with some of the most respected people on the internet, and believe me, there is no magic formula, there is no secret, there is no hidden tactic that will unlock anything, beyond access to bank accounts.

The people I know who are successful got there because they are shrewd, work hard, and are willing to take a CHANCE.

Are you? (Taking a chance does not mean throwing money at something, and praying it works).

Stop it. Easy is a Dream.

Stop believing in internet unicorns, money for nothing and marketing fairy tales. Stop believing there is a way you just start cashing checks, simply because you want to. Just stop it, and start doing stuff.

Realize that drive and desire alone do not supplant experience, creative ability, and an honest network of niche-specific, seasoned professionals. Be willing to sweat, or lose some sleep for a while to build something better than everything.

Shut up, and keep your head down. I believe in this a lot more than i practice it, BTW.

Keep selling and buying – or whatever makes sense to understand the nuances of your marketplace, but just keep learning. Trust in your own experiences. Grow them exponentially. Emulate those you admire, but carve your own way. Make a splash, use your voice.

But above all, be a good person, and work hard. Because then, and only then, does the rest come easy.