In a great interview I was lucky enough to do with Tamar Weinberg for SEOBook, she closed with a quote that bears repeating (bold is mine):

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Try to build your presence where you know you can really make a difference, and branch out slowly if you want to experiment. Hopefully your marketing tactics will pay off to the tune of more business, more money, and the ability to hire more people who can help further your marketing message in the world wide open. 😉

Tamar is an excellent writer, so she knew what a clever phrase she was turning here. I know, because I asked her about it (making sure it was intentional), and she laughed, saying she debated leaving it in, but liked it. So do I – and here’s why.

I think Tamar is referring to two things: one) to marketing without limiting yourself by eWalls or other hurdles of personal construction; and, two) approaching the web – and marketing in general –  wide open. Transparent. Willing to be what it is you are. Making an honest difference. 

Both ideas are worth chewing on – thanks Tamar.

{Late edit: it made me a little sad to do some research, and learn Tamar wasn’t actually the first to say it. I love it no less.}