The Merriam site offers this , regarding seminal (bold, mine): Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Latin seminalis, from semin-, semen seed

This is a post where I just want to hype something wonderful I read recently. A seed.

Rae Hoffman, an outspoken SEO/Affiliate/Marketing expert has once again released what will be considered one of the more pertinent documents on current linking strategies. Her company sites are found at and If you have never read Rae’s work, start with the Sugarrae site – it is inspiring, funny, helpful, and establishes clearly why this is a professional you should listen to.

Here is the post on link building techniques in 2010.  You might want to bring a snack – it’s a truly meaty post, and reading it will take a while for sure.

This is the third post of this type that Rae has put together, and each of them are pretty fabulous. Here’s a link to her post on linking strategies from 2007, and here’s a link to 2008’s feature on linking. I am always a fan of Rae’s “bare knuckle” style, but her writing takes a back seat in these efforts, as she allows a diverse set of ideas to do all the talking.

How does she do it? By connecting some of the best minds on the subject, having everyone answer the same questions without seeing others’ responses, and compiling the answers for comparison. The result is a collection of original and thought-provoking observations from some of the brightest minds in this industry: a must read.

This year’s cast of characters includes some of the best-known, trustworthy names on the web, if you are into marketing and SEO:

  • Aaron Wall of SEO Book and Clientside SEM@aaronwall
  • Dave Snyder, Managing Partner of the Blueglass Agency@davesnyder
  • Debra Mastaler of Alliance Link and the The Link Spiel@debramastaler
  • Eric Ward, Linking Strategies and Chief Link Evangelist at advertising intelligence firm
  • Jim Boykin of We Build Pages@jimboykin
  • Justilien Gaspard, Link Columnist for SEW and owner of
  • Michael Gray of the Graywolf SEO blog – @graywolf
  • Rae Hoffman, aka Sugarrae, CEO of MFE Interactive and Outspoken Media@sugarrae
  • Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz@randfish
  • Roger Montti, the founder and owner of
  • Todd Malicoat, aka Stuntdubl, SEO faculty at
  • I have already read this twice, and bookmarked it for more detailed repeat viewings as I need them. But I wanted to share this with anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, as it is a seminal post, and a fine example of creating value and meaning in web content.

    Three cheers, Rae – I feel I owe you a beer, should our paths ever cross.

    And thanks to all these folks for again sharing their knowledge and experience, helping us all do a little better online.

    Here again, is a link to the post on link building techniques in 2010. Pay attention – you’ll learn something!

    Late Addition-added in November, 2010: A guy I like reading a lot posted a great little checklist on what to consider in linkbuilding. I think John Andrews’ post on SEO linkbuilding makes an excellent companion piece to the tips shared by Rae, et al.