In business, as in your personal life, who you deal with is of crucial importance. It might even make you end a title in a preposition if you’re not careful.

Knowing who you are dealing with on the web is a little unlike anything else – the methods to mask identity are not complex. If you want to sneak in and out of the Internet, you can. People do.

I don’t.

I work in a pretty transparent way – I am who you see. My comments, when signed by me somewhere out there, are my thoughts. Still, I feel you should know more about who I am and why you should trust me.  

So what better way, than to introduce you to my finest hair moment. Meet 17 year-old Marty Lamers, and his freelance mohawk.

Marty Lamers Mohawk Maniac

Freelance SEO Copywriter and Passionate Thin Cotton Tie Endorser, Marty Lamers

My glasses are now a lot smaller (as if larger ones are possible), and my bald spot negates the possibility of this work-retardant hairstyle ever working the same way for me again. Though trying it today would be interesting, for sure.

Ahhhh, setting gel and cheap hairspray: the clumsy magic that was 1983.

I am sure I would still have that tie too, if my wife didn’t have the good sense to intervene when she did.

There you have it – now you know. I make no apologies.