This neat little site explorer tool was released this past week by SEOMoz.

It’ll help you to do competitive research or learn more about your own site, and where you might be able to build some power into it.

I’ll add more to this post after I have had more time to play with the tool, but it is pretty swift. Highly suggest checking it out if you are into SEO copywriting – there is a ton to learn in here.

To get a better idea of what this tool can do, Rand Fishkin, the Big Cheese at SEOMoz wrote this post full of details and explanation.

On another site, I actually asked Rand about the site metrics, which he responded to almost immediately.

My thinking, is that in time, this tool will become very popular, especially in SEO circles. Go check it out!

(tell ’em Martypants sent you!)

Later observations:

  • The tool has a really nice interface and is very user-friendly. Pretty easy to figure out, even if you have limited SEO experience.
  • The clear indications of 301s and no-followed links gives some great “at-a-glance” info
  • (Entry date: April 17, 2010): I am realizing I use this tool mostly for some large overview glances into competion. I do not have a pro membership, so my results from my free account are limited. They do help, and I do think of this tool in my natural work flow now. I like the look at link profiles to see where I stack-up against the people I am looking at. I don’t get much value from some of the data (seem a bit abitrary, but if used as a constant in comparison and analysis, I guess they offer some degree of competitive insight), and referred to this tool probably 3-4 times. I will give it props though – it does offer value, even at the free level. And the sales tactics used to try to upsell don’t impede anything, so it is well presented in that way. For a free tool, it is one of the better ones out there in the SEO world, to me. That said, I use my SEOBook tools much more often, and still rely pretty heavily on them.  Go figure! 🙂  
  • (more to come…)