I have had a website for Articulayers since 2002.
This one is my fourth now for this company…each one I think, gets a little stronger.

I am now on WordPress with a modified theme by Thesis – a far cry from the “every stroke must be mine” approach shared by the first three efforts. Now, I am into steamlining. Quick is quicker now.

But this site was not meant to be released quite yet – so I am in a scramble trying to get things back together.

See, I have had my site hosted by this company down in Australia for the last 6-7 years. But they were getting increasingly problematic to deal with. I could never reach anyone in the support, and when I did, they rarely understood what I wanted.

After a couple years running with hassles that were mounting, but none big enough to make me leave, my site went down for about 6 hours. I finally got mad, and cancelled my credit card information – this was last spring.

The hosting plan actually ended in August, but they did not shut me down until last night. I did not really see it coming, so “Surprise!”

Now, I was in the process of building a new site (as you see here) and had it on another domain, almost ready. I was playing around, testing and tweaking for the last few weeks. This morning, I saw that the crappy Australian host had finally pulled the plug, so I scrambled all day to move some stuff over here.

This site is by no means ready, but it is world’s better than the one I had I think.  I believe I am going to lose a lot of my rankings, but I am fine with that. I am actually going to recapture them now a little more purposefully.

So welcome to the new site. I may have been a bit rushed today to get some things out here, but over time, I think it is going to be a wonderful thing.